Certified Gottman Couples Therapy
Dr. Ross Plews
Certified Professional Counsellor Supervisor #20140046
Certified Gottman Couples Therapist #214

#205 5101 48th Street  Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 0H9

Dr. Ross Plews
Certified Professional CounsellorSupervisor #20140046
Certified Gottman Therapist #214
I have been helping couples for more than 38 years.  In 2009, when I began training in the Gottman Method of couples therapy, I quickly realized that this research-based approach was not only highly effective, but also very rewarding.  Couples who consider their relationship to be in good shape, sometimes need a refresher, a tune-up, so to speak.  Gottman couple's therapy is suited just for that.  However, sometimes relationships are in rough shape and need intervention.  Gottman couple's therapy is especially suited just for that!

The greatest joy for me is to watch a couple on the brink of disaster, learn how to engage and regulate conflict, acknowledge their differences, emotionally connect and move forward in success.  This success often transcends their relationship as a couple, and affects their immediate and extended family as well. What is even more exciting, is when these couples tell others about their success. Success breeds success!

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